All About Bob (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

This is from my friend and Kane Miller author/illustrator extrodinare MICHELLE NELSON SCHMIDT about her new book BOB IS A UNICORN!!!! ENJOY!

The Magical World of Miss Michelle!

BobCOverI feel like this is a birth announcement! And with how much I love to yap, you better grab your coffee and get comfy. I have lots to tell you about my Bob.

Bob is a Unicorn is my fourth children’s picture book. And while I don’t play favorites and I tell school children I can’t possibly pick a favorite book (they are like my children, I love them equally for different reasons) Bob does have a very, very special place in my heart. Soon (like today or tomorrow) you will be able to buy Bob (and his plushie version – SQUEEEE!!!) from my publisher’s website here They are getting in online to sell today I hear.

First let me tell you a question I am getting asked over and over again. “Why did you name him Bob? Of all the names on the planet. Bob? Really? Original much?”…

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